Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the 99 cent toddler shirt

i've been a woman on a mission lately, thrifting for pillowcases.  recently, i randomly found two awesome vintage pillowcases at the salvation army for 99 cents and i had to get them.  both prints looked like something usually reserved for granny's best baby shower teacups.  once they were home i flipped around looking for something to make out of them.  cue weekend sewing and the kai shirt pattern:

there was just enough fabric in a normal-sized pillowcase to make a size 2 shirt.  i was able to preserve the pillowcase's original hemmed opening which gives the shirt a lovely and slightly odd deep bottom hem.  i had been meaning to make this pattern for a long time but the collar and buttons made me nervous.  the collar was actually easy - as with most patterns, reading the instructions was more confusing than doing it.  and to get around the buttons and button holes quagmire i opted for snaps.  i love snaps.  plus they add to the lovable hipsterish dweeb look nicely.

cole loves his new shirts!  i've made two so far and don't think i can stop now.


Katie said...

So cute! Love the vintage floral on your little man. Great.

Kim C. said...

Love it. He really is starting to look like a little hipster (in a good way)!


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