Monday, August 9, 2010

dust jacket blocks

i almost never keep the dust jackets from books.  they're too much trouble to keep track of and as long as the book cover includes the same (or other also good) graphics, i just don't see the point.  most of the time i recycle them, but every so often there's one so lovely that i can't part with it.

one of our most frequently read kiddo books is all kinds of families!  the story itself has a touching message and the artwork by french illustrator marc boutavant, one of my favourites, keeps this at the top of our story rotation.

i kept the dust jacket from this book for a while before finding out the perfect use - decoupaged blocks!

with $2 worth of mini wooden blocks (2.5 x 2.5 x 1 cm) from daiso, some scrap japanese stationery papers and a jar of mod podge, this was a quick project (drying time not included!) and basically free.  they've been played with a lot since i made them six months ago, so they're looking a little scrappy at the corners but they are a favourite around here.  this was the first time i'd found all 16 at the same time so i could finally take the photo!


metalerin said...

What a great idea!!! :D

bonnie said...

what a great idea! fun for building and storytelling!

Katie said...

Such an awesome idea! Could even be a fun gift. Definitely going to log this one away.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I have so many wooden blocks don't get played with. Just might have to make some of these.

cabin + cub said...

very cute! and great book recommendation.. we are starting to build the little one's library.
ps. love the quilt.. it turned out beautifully! ;)


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