Wednesday, December 8, 2010

back in the saddle

oh i have been doing such a poor job of communicating in this space recently! this fall has, in turns, flown and crept by but all the while i've been to-the-gills busy. which is great, except when it comes to finding time.

i've done a few shows for the season and there are a few more to go. this past saturday i displayed at royally crafty, a mini fair in the recently opened river market in new westminster. the space is opening in stages and has been totally recreated into a bright, modern and stylish shopping and community venue. it's a fantastic development in a city on the verge of big changes. with exciting boutique shops tiny (where small is beautiful) and great wall of tea (wow, check out that awesome wall!), a donald's market and eye-catching art and light installations it was a compelling space for a craft event.

for more photos of the developing river market space, check out this great post at the new domestic.

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