Wednesday, December 8, 2010

got craft awesomeness

thank you to everyone who dropped by the fantastic got craft event on sunday!  it was my first time as a vendor at the holiday show and man, it did not disappoint. some events are more fun on the shopping side of the table but not the case on sunday. from the long line of folks who started queuing at 6am to get a much-coveted swag bag to the round of closing applause from the other vendors, it was a blast.


i managed to finally start my christmas shopping there too, so bonus! i have never thought of myself as a terribly last-minute shopper but for the past few weeks i seem to have run into every person in the lower mainland who is comfortably reclining on their satisfied laurels on top of a heap of gifts. having started, i now feel a little more like a functional adult! of course my finds are still a secret...

and for myself, since i can't resist, i got a swell caboose tee from locomotive clothing and traded the lovely valerie of cabin + cub for a beautiful woodburned birdie panel. have wanted to add a piece from her collection to my den wall forever. trades rock! so does winning - free morrocan mint lipgloss from the awesome folks at olive bath & body for completing a scavenger hunt they tossed up on twitter. 

and thank you to a few wonderful craft-loving folks who mentioned hudsonny in their got craft reviews. check out these lovely blogs by other talented local folks. many thanks to carli of the terrific blog stitch rabbit, shalyn of ars gratia artis and yukirat of vancouver portraits who did an adorable sketch of me at the table - so cute!

and in case you missed it, here's a great time-lapse video taken at the spring show. it shows the entire day's set-up, craft event and tear-down in two minutes!  

Got Craft from blueolive on Vimeo.

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Kim Baise said...

looks like an awesome handcrafts fair and your booth is so sweet w/ the little guys in the suitcase! brilliant!


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