Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hoping: for spring

it feels like the bleak post-christmas phase of winter has been going on indefinitely and with each day of overcast skies and brisk rain i feel a yearning for milder temperatures.  thankfully, in vancouver anyway, that time of year is just around the corner.  it's a slow transition, but by mid-march the trees should be blossoming and it's all uphill from there. 

earlier this week i saw some forsythia blossoms for sale at a sidewalk floral vendor and their yellow blooms cheered me up on a dreary, challenging day.  it made me feel that much closer to springtime, even if just for a moment.


Mom said...

Would be nice to just see a sidewalk vendor here in Ontario! Although, yesterday and the day before was +10C or so, and about a foot of snow had melted at the back of the house and I could see some crocus leaves had been rising under the snow. Today is the deep freeze again with -2C and snow for tomorrow 15cms, so they'll be covered back up again!

cabin + cub said...

Oh so pretty! I need to get some flower branches for our place. Hooray for spring!


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