Wednesday, March 2, 2011

loving: massive chalkboard wall

how awesome is this chalkboard wall installation from artist and urban planner candy chang? she turned this wall of an abandoned building in her new orleans neighbourhood into a collaborative public bucket list.

in the spirit of things... before i die, five things i want to do:
  • visit scandinavia, casablanca, india, thailand, italy, iceland, the south pacific (can you tell i love travel?)
  • live on a boat
  • make homemade coconut marshmallows (on my list for a while!)
  • see my son grow up and do what he loves
  • learn to use the manual settings on my camera (finally!)


Katie said...

So cool! What a neat idea. Love your scarf in your new profile pic by the way :). Is it just a square scarf? May have to start browsing my local thrift stores and find a few of those. Such a classy touch to an outfit :).

Mom said...

That could be a neat place to see when visiting there, if the neighborhood is safe enough! Maybe someone will take a bigger photo, so we can see some of the other ideas! On your list, the homemade marshmallows sound like the first item to be the easiest to cross off! And I really like the one about Cole... that is an important one for all parents.

Mom said...

Just noticed "Plenty of Colour" to click onto, and scrolling down a short distance, found the closeups of things people had written on the wall...really interesting!


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