Monday, September 12, 2011

homemade: sea spray for beachy hair

i have just-about-shoulder-length hair and lately i've grown quite tired of the usual ponytail. my hairdresser suggested the messy pin-up as an alternative, and succeeded in getting me hooked on bobby pins just the other day. it's easy - just pull your hair up a bit at a time and secure the ends with bobby pins at random and frequent intervals. this is what mine looks like today after a day in the wind & a nap:

one of the tips she had was to use a sea salt spray on dry hair to create a bit of texture. i've paid a pretty penny for sprays in the past to get beachy waves, with varying degrees of satisfaction, but i've been working with essential oils and i wanted to create my own. after some helpful googling and a bit of experimenting, i have come up with this recipe:

1 8oz / 250 ml spray bottle
fill with distilled water
2 tsp / 10g sea salt
1 tsp / 5ml vitamin e oil
15 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops vanilla essential oil

add all ingredients to the bottle and shake well to blend. simply mist liberally on dry hair and let dry. it gives a bit of that texture without being too heavy or sticky, and the vitamin e oil helps to keep your hair from drying out.


Mom said...

I like the bobby pin hair idea for long hair...looks neat! For the sea spray...sounds like easy-to-find ingredients! Like the style of the bottle & your label looks great too!

Ugly said...
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Allie said...

I'm definitely gonna try this! Thanks for your recipe (and your 'do' looks super cute)...

jonywoker said...

Thanks to your advice for home made Sea spray because i have the ponytail hair and i tired of them.


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