Monday, April 6, 2009

lovely mondays: four fresh etsy favourites

time for a regular weekly feature here - i think mondays are a great time to showcase some fresh favourites from other talented etsy sellers. i love these handmade goodies and am excited to share them with you. of course, anyone reading these posts who wants to buy me presents should take note! ;-)

i just love the muted springtime loveliness of carefree bubbles, a by tabidesigns.

the dreamy luxe etincelle necklace from seaunicorn. i love her use of soft colours and the mix of vintage and modern elements.

these beautifully-handmade boardwalk sneaker houseshoes from vancouver's own elephant & chickpea. they're made-to-order from upcycled materials and would look so cute around the house with pajamas!

and can't resist this bi-fold wallet featuring a rather stern-looking owl from cutoutandcollect. i just love that fabric (in fact i think i have some coming in the mail, if it ever gets here...).


randi said...

by the way, i couldn't resist my own picks! i bought the necklace. ;-)

Jennifer said...

These are all beautiful finds. The colors are so breezy!

bonnie said...

This is a great idea. What a wonderful way of sharing@:)


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