Friday, April 24, 2009

craft fail

stumbled across this new community blog recently - craft fail. check it out for some good laughs, like this heavy, hot, rather unattractive sweater:

the craft disasters are posted by their creators, so it's all in good fun. looking through the posts and photos i actually thought a lot of them weren't so bad at all, compared to the disasters i create! the first bibbler i made for cole wouldn't have fit a cat, and you should have seen the pants i tried to make him! or the many, many times i've sewn things with a front, back and batting layer together incorrectly. argh!

want to post your own disasters? i do! first i'll have to take a photo of one, rather than just ripping it apart for scraps, burying it in my memory and my "finish this later" drawer or, in the case of poorly fitting handmade clothing - stuffing it into my sally ann donation bag.

to post your own fails: read up on how-to and then get that camera and sense of humour out. ;-)

1 comment:

LittleLovables said...

what a fun site! I sure have a LOT of craft fails I could submit ;)


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