Wednesday, July 8, 2009

two new craft books & one seriously adorable hat

oh the happy day that new books arrive in the mail! and even happier when the books exceed your expectations and inspire you.

first up: weekend sewing from fabric designer heather ross. it did not disappoint - chock full of unique ideas and beautiful illustrations it's fantastically photographed and was designed by brooke reynolds of inchmark. can't wait to whip up a wee person smocked sundress for at least one of the five folks i promised to make things for this year. and i need the sweet house slippers, the baby kimono, the gardening gloves, the apron... well, you get the idea. check out several of the project photos here.

also got a copy of lotta jansdotter's simple sewing for baby. it's fantastic! i love her whole minimalist, scandanavian sense of style and conversational writing. i have and love both of her earlier books, but this one is the best of all three, i think. i usually go through a new craft book with a post-it pad and mark the patterns i want to try right away. well, after flagging nearly every page i figured i should just forgo the stickies and get cracking. had, had, to make this right off the bat for cole, despite the fact that it's july:

adorable! micro-fleece and just some random woven ribbonish stuff. it seriously took about half an hour, from cutting the pattern to putting it on cole's head.

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